The economic committee

Economic committee is headed by board treasurer and also consists of two board members and the three coordinators of the Social Committee, the Academic Committee, and the Communications Committee.

It is in the Economic Committee that budgets for the various committees and projects are discussed and prepared before they are presented to the Board for approval. The committee meets regularly to ensure that all budgets are adhered to.

The Economic Committee has no decision-making status, but is responsible to present options for the board, so it can make informed decisions.
Christian Kragelund Pedersen was elected treasurer. He can be contacted on


Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for organizing student social services for the students. The Social Committee is coordinated by the social coordinator. The coordinator of the committee can be contacted on


The Academic Committee

The academic committee is responsible for organizing student professional and academic offers and services for the students. The academic committee is coordinated by the academic coordinator. The coordinator of the committee can be contacted on


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for internal and external communication that takes place in the context of the student housing. This means to disseminate information on the student housing activities, to maintain the house’s facebook page and website. The Communications Committee coordinated by a communications coordinator. The coordinator of the committee is Patrick Kulas, he can be contacted on 51 90 86 52 /



RUCsound is responsible for the sound and lighting equipment owned by the Student House. They provide rental and setup for organizations, houses, employees and other persons who make events on campus. They are also responsible for the maintenance of our equipment. They can be contacted at