The Board

The board is the supreme authority of Studenterhuset RUC and consists of 11 members and two alternates, all elected for one year. The board elects its own chairman, vice chairman and treasurer.

The board’s primary duty is to ensure that Studenterhuset RUC is operated and developed in accordance with the vision and goals, the general assembly has decided upon. The board also negotiates with e.g. the university management, Roskilde municipality and other external partners. Besides that the board is responsible for the house economy, creating budgets and approving the financial reports.

The current board 2018

Chairwoman: Emilie Ladefoged

Vice chairwoman: Lykke Boisen

Treasurer: Søren Vilhelmsen

Board member: Nanna Zmylon

Board member: Lukas Vinum

Board member: Mennan Serefoglu

Board member: Asbjørn Fabricius

Board member: Patrick Kulas

Board member: Oscar Hannibal

Board member: Anna Mouritzen

Board member: Julie Rennels

Board member: Johannes Niemann

Administrative worker: Anne Mynte Diget



Board documents: