Dear everyone

For a long time, it has been a problem that people, using the upstairs kitchen in the Studenthouse, have not been taking responsibility for the use of it which is why the Studenthouse Board has decided to empty and close the kitchen on Saturday the 7th of April. This means that we are going to empty the kitchen for food, plates, forks, knifes, pots, pans etc. and turn of the electricity for the white goods. Therefore, we would like you to come by the kitchen and pick up any food or other things you may have there. This should be done on Friday the 6th of April as the latest.

Naturally the Studenthouse Board is very sorry that we must make such a drastic decision, but despite different initiatives during the last couple of months, the situation has not improved.

For those of you who have already booked the kitchen for different events, please write us at and we will figure out together, how you can still borrow the kitchen. But besides that, it is not possible to book the kitchen in the future for now.