About the rooms

You can book our small meeting rooms, our project room, and our “Guld stue”. Read about the different rooms below.
Note!: If you wish to throw a party in the Student house, please contact kontakt@studenterhusetruc.dk before you book for further details.

The small meeting rooms
(includes meeting room 51, 41, 39, 55)
These rooms are perfect for group work or smaller meetings. The rooms can be booked for maximum 5 hours at a time. Anyone is  free to use the rooms, if they are not booked.












The kitchen
The kitchen is placed in continuation of ‘Gul stue’ but can be separated from it. Guidelines for using the kitchen:

  • Do not place anything on top of the dishwasher.
  • When you have filled the dishwasher please start it on the quick program.
  • If the dishwasher is clean, please empty it.
  • Remember to do your dishes.
  • You can use the fridges but remember to write your name on it and remove it again, or else it will be thrown out by the end of the week.

Gul stue
The name translates to “Yellow livingroom”. Usually Gul stue is part of the kitchen, but can be separated from it with a partition wall and used separately. The room can be booked for bigger arrangements such as big meetings, general assemblies or lectures. NOTE: if you book Gul stue, you have not automatically booked the kitchen as well. The two things has to be booked separately!

Gul stue includes

  • A screen and a projector
  • 6 big 4-man tables and chairs












The project room
Suitable for bigger meetings where more than ten people have to fit around the same table, or for workshops. The room includes notice boards and a white wall suitable for a screen and a projector (These are not permanently in the room, but can be borrowed from the Studenthouse). In general the room cannot be booked by smaller groups.

















** The Studenthouse reserves the right to reject bookings that we do not find suitable for the rooms. Under normal circumstances the maximum booking time is five hours, but committees can in certain cases be granted more time. Send a request to booking@studenterhusetruc.dk if your wish to book the rooms longer.



First Floor
Second Floor










If you have any questions you can always contact us at booking@studenterhusetruc.dk
NOTE: rooms has to be reserved at our website, not over email. So only write if you have questions or problems with your bookings.

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