Do you want to help out making Studenterhuset RUC the coolest place in Roskilde? Then become volunteer now!

Send us at studenterhuset@ruc.dk with your name, cell no. and some words about yourself.

Be a part of our facebook group and stay tuned on what we do and how you can help! Join the group here.

Why volunteer?

Studenterhuset RUC is a student run organization operated solely by volunteers. We emphasize that our volunteers put effort in the house primarily for the satisfaction of creating a better student environment at Roskilde University. The main advantage of being a volunteer is that you create unique networks and relationships with people who have different backgrounds and different abilities.

What do you get out of it?

  • Be a part of creating an awesome study enviroment, that both you and others will benefit from
  • Many new friends and a strong social network
  • Relation to people with many different qualifications and skills
  • The possibility to develop your own qualifications and skills within areas that you find interesting
  • An exclusive invitation to Studenterhuset RUC’s summer event
  • An written reference to your CV

What do we expect of you?

We expect that you engage in the positions of responsibility you get. In addition, it is expected that you attend punctually at scheduled meetings and comply with agreements. Finally, it is expected that you enjoy your volunteering along with all the other volunteers.


In the studente house we work within different committees that attend to different tasks. If you wanna work specific within an area, then contact us and hear more. Read more about our committees here.

Types of volunteers:

Board member: are volunteers, but to perform this task, you are elected at the annual general meeting, which is open to all students at Roskilde University.

Coordinators: possess great positions of responsibility and therefore the Board will employ you.

Committee member: Committees are open to all students at Roskilde University. You can become a member of four different committees: the Social Committee, the Academic Committee, the Interior Committee and the Communications Committee. Each committee has a coordinator and together with him or her, the committee works within their area to make The Student House RUC to the best place at campus. As a committee member it is expected of you that you participate in a meeting once a month, and that you take responsibility for organizing events each semester.

Bartender: Read more at  Bar & Café

Hands“: are student housing practical helpers. As the hand you are able to help with the practical at an event. You do not need to meet up regularly and you do not have responsibility for making major decisions.

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