Hello, welcome to the Student House! Please have a look around, maybe book a room in our – the students’ – building!

The Student House RUC is an open and inclusive gathering place for all students at Roskilde University. You can use the Student House for a lot of things. Whether you need a place to study, have a group meeting or hang out with your fellow students, we have the facilities for it. Upstairs (13.2) there are group rooms that you can book here, a community kitchen and a library, among other things. 


We are hosting our annual birthday bash on the 25th of November!

Swing by between 14:00 and 01:00.
We’ll have a reception (until 16:00), a DJ, a live band and a bunch of fun events!
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To contact The Student House of RUC, please send us an email at kontakt@studenterhusetruc.dk