Hello, welcome to the Student House! Please have a look around, maybe book a room in our – the students’ – building!

The Student House RUC is an open and inclusive gathering place for all students at Roskilde University. You can use the Student House for a lot of things. Whether you need a place to study, have a group meeting or hang out with your fellow students, we have the facilities for it. Upstairs (13.2) there are group rooms that you can book here, a community kitchen and a library, among other things. 



We are open for group meetings, organizational meetings and other study/work related events. Please wear a mask in the hallways, wash your hands and respect the room limitations (posted on the doors).


To contact The Student House of RUC, please send us an email at kontakt@studenterhusetruc.dk

7 days ago

Studenterhuset RUC

Hello everyone! 🥳

Today we will introduce you to The HumCouncil who also resides one our beloved Student House!

The HumCouncil (HumRådet) are primarily for students of humanities. We focus on making social and academical events especially for hum students! These events could for example be flea markets or lecture lunches. We usually also put up candidates for the studyboard which means that we are also partly a political organization. If you think that this sounds interesting and want to join or know more, please don’t hesitate to write us on Facebook (HumRådet ved RUC). You might even have an awesome idea for an event we could create!

Lots of lobster love! <3
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2 weeks ago

Studenterhuset RUC

Hi everyone!

Tonight 7 years ago, the Student House officially opened🏡

Every year since then, we have celebrated The Student House's birthday with a big party. This year will of course be different, but we in the board would still like to celebrate house that unites the students of RUC across all study courses and semesters🥳🎉🎊

Up till the 21'st of november 2013, the students would mainly just haste back to Copenhagen, right after the studies were finished. What the Student House has done, is create a place where students from all over RUC have a common place. A place where you can be social, study, do organizational work and not least party🍻

The Student House will continue to be a place for all the students of RUC, and will continue to evolve over the coming years!

This is to you, the house that we all cherish and and appreciate so much❤️

Regards from the Student House board!
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