Hello, welcome to the Student House! Please have a look around, maybe book a room in our – the students’ – building!

The Student House RUC is an open and inclusive gathering place for all students at Roskilde University. You can use the Student House for a lot of things. Whether you need a place to study, have a group meeting or hang out with your fellow students, we have the facilities for it. Upstairs (13.2) there are group rooms that you can book here, a community kitchen and a library, among other things. 



We are reopening for organisations in the house. We are sadly not open to regular students at the moment due to restrictions. If you’re not in a volunteer organisation at RUC, we suggest you use the library for your meetings and studies.


To contact The Student House of RUC, please send us an email at kontakt@studenterhusetruc.dk

3 days ago

Studenterhuset RUC

Hello everyone! 👋🏼

Today we wil present one of the organization’s who resides in the Student house.

Kamarillaen, the people behind The Annual Party at RUC, is a 100% volunteer organization, where about 20 students from all faculties and semesters work their asses off to make sure that The Annual Party at RUC is a blast. Every year the Kamarilla opens up for new applicants - both old and new students - and you are more than welcome.

The Annual Party at RUC is a party for the students, by the students, and helps to provide an insight into RUC's spirit, where diversity, cooperation, tolerance and inclusion are given high priority. At the Kamarilla, we strive to ensure that the Annual Party is an unforgettable memory for our guests. Through concerts with exciting artists, decorations, art and unforgettable events, we try to create a party that our guests can remember for many years.

Does this sound like something you want to help make a reality? Then good! Because the Kamarilla is hosting an “info-meeting” on the 28th or 29th october, where you can hear more about the Kamarilla in general and the different subcommittees.

You can find the event on Facebook at “Infomøde Årsfesten på RUC”, or hit us up at our email info@elgenkommer.dk.

We hope to see you there!

(The picture was taken before corona)
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1 week ago

Studenterhuset RUC


We're the Student House, the group of volunteer students who run both the actual house and the organization behind it. We would like to introduce all of the lovely organizations who have office in our house - and what's more natural than beginning with our own? 🤓

Right now our board consists of 10 students from all over RUC. Together we have the responsibility of ensuring that everything is in order in the Student House - and in a time without corona support the life and acitivity that has always been characteristic for the Student House. 🥳🥳🥳

As everyone else, these days our job is way less actionpacked. We mostly do maintenance and some communication with the other organizations in the house. But the second life gets back to normal and we can once again meet on campus the way we've missed - we'll be ready to invite you back home 🥰

We miss you all - stay sane out there!
XOXO The Student House
- Tobias, Jakob, Kevin, Mathilde, Mathilde, Fahmi, Patricia, Marc, Erik og Morten
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