Studenterhuset RUC is an open community for all students at Roskilde University. 
You can use the house whether you need a place to study, have a meeting or hang out with fellow students. Upstairs there are group rooms that you can book here, a community kitchen and a cozy library.


Drop by the house to say hi – we are open!

Our next general assembly will be held on the 20th of April from 11:00 to 13:00

You can find the event here:



We will open the doors at 10:30
the assembly will commence at exactly 11:00.
Agenda of the General Assembly:
1. Opening of the assembly
2. Election of conductor
3. Election of minute-taker
4. Election of vote-counters
5. The board’s annual report
6. Presentation of the annual financial accounts for 2023
7. Critical accountant’s comments for the accounts
8. Approval of the financial accounts for 2023
9. Presentation of the updated accounting of 2024
10. Presentation of the budget for 2024
11. Voting on any statutes
12. Election of chairperson
13. Election of the vice-chair
14. Election of treasurer
15. Election of the board
16. Election of critical accountant
17. Any other business (A.O.B)


To contact Studenterhuset RUC, please send us an email at